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Tips for Displaying Fashion Apparel and Accessories to Drive Sales

Posted by Kathy Heil on Mar 14, 2019 10:48:00 AM

Your back room is stacked with boxes of newly-arrived fashion merchandise. How well it sells when you transfer it to your sales floor depends, in large part, on how you display it. 

If you’re a merchandiser for a large retailer, apparel may arrive already grouped into outfits, display coordinates, or whatever you call these combinations. You can follow your organization’s planograms to complete your displays. If you’re the owner/merchandiser of a smaller clothing boutique, you’ll have to create your own planogram. Here are some tips for displaying fashion apparel and accessories to drive sales.

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5 Tips to Convert Window Shoppers Into Customers

Posted by Kathy Heil on Mar 6, 2019 5:35:00 PM

Some retailers may not think of window shoppers as prospective customers. But, if that were true, why would you put extra thought and attention to detail into create engaging window displays? Window shoppers are often interested in what you have to offer – that’s why they’re looking. So, how can you convert those window shoppers into customers? Here are 5 tips to help. 

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10 Merchandising Tips for Wireless and Small Electronics Stores

Posted by Kathy Heil on Mar 1, 2019 10:59:58 AM

Smartphones and similar small electronics have changed dramatically in recent years. Surprisingly, though, the most successful merchandising tips for these products have not changed. More than ever, people want to handle the devices, to check them out in detail. It can be challenging for retailers to create an atmosphere that’s visually appealing, hands-on friendly, and still keeps products secure.

Here's what you need to know.

10 Merchandising Tips for Selling Small Electronics

  1. You want a look that says “lots of selection,” not clutter. With so many small products, it’s easy to visually overwhelm your customers. Instead, use your displays to create focal points within your store. Shelves, racks, endcaps, and wall fixtures can all come into play to show off smartphones and other devices, plus the wide range of accessories you probably sell. Wall units and racks are especially valuable for small items that do not need to be secured.
  2. Tabletops, counters, and free-standing kiosks are great for showing off smartphones and other devices that are popular theft targets. Use a product such as Palmer’s CELLMATE that secures each product without restraining the customer’s ability to handle and test-drive the device.  
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Kiosk Sales Strategies for Improving Profitability

Posted by Kathy Heil on Feb 20, 2019 11:07:17 AM

Just because you open a mall kiosk doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have great sales. It takes strategy and planning to create any successful retail business. And you have to remember that there’s a difference between kiosk sales and kiosk profitability. Sales are good. But it’s the profit that pays you as the kiosk owner and provides money to grow your business.

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How to Choose a Cash Wrap

Posted by Kathy Heil on Feb 15, 2019 12:18:46 PM

The cash wrap is the business center of your store. It's where you make sales, so it needs to be secure and efficient. But it's also where you can encourage additional sales as customers check out, so you want some space to inspire impulse purchases.

You can design your cash wrap almost any way you want, which means you can create a space that accommodates all your functional needs and perfectly matches the look and atmosphere of your store. No wonder the cash wrap is considered to be the signature fixture in most retail environments.

Here's how to choose the right cash wrap for your store.

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9 Ideas for Valentine's Day Merchandise for Your Retail End Caps

Posted by Kathy Heil on Feb 7, 2019 3:44:40 PM

Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday for many retailers. With last-minute shoppers and impulse (or guilt) purchases galore, there are so many selling opportunities. End caps are proven winners when it comes to retail merchandising because they naturally stand out. That makes them outstanding places to showcase your Valentine’s Day merchandise!

This is the most impulsive holiday of the year. Use your end caps to capitalize on that by featuring items that are perfect for that special someone. But don't forget Valentine's Day gifts aren't always for a romantic partner, showcase merchandise customers can buy for friends, family, or themselves.

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2019 Trends in Retail Theft Prevention

Posted by Kathy Heil on Feb 1, 2019 10:51:00 AM

“Shrinkage” may be a polite euphemism for theft, but when merchandise goes missing, it’s no joke. Loss prevention is crucial for any business owner, so it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. The busier your store is, the more inviting it is to thieves, but you are vulnerable every day, in multiple ways.

In the past few years, retailers have refocused their efforts away from arresting thieves toward loss prevention — taking measures to ensure you lose the least. The truth is, no store is theft-proof.

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8 Mannequin Alternatives for your Clothing Displays

Posted by Kathy Heil on Jan 23, 2019 12:50:30 PM

Mannequins have long been a popular way to display apparel in retail stores because customers can easily visualize entire outfits, fully accessorized. But mannequins are costly. If you don't have the budget to buy a bevy of traditional full-sized “dummies,” there are more affordable mannequin alternatives you can use to create wonderfully varied and eye-catching apparel displays.

Here are some mannequin alternatives that will fit your store’s personality as well as your budget:

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The Price You Pay for Cash Handling at Your Retail Store

Posted by Kathy Heil on Jan 16, 2019 3:18:29 PM

If every customer paid with a card, retailers would be happy. You see, handling cash at your business can actually cost you money. Think we’re exaggerating? Research from IHL Group reveals the true cost of cash for retail stores runs anywhere from 4.7% to 15.3%. That hurts, especially in retail, where margins are notoriously slender.

There are two distinct problems associated with handling cash. The obvious one is that cash is easy to steal. The not-so-obvious issue — and the one that is costing you the most — is the time you’re spending dealing with cash. IHL Group suggests that automating this process can help a store recoup as many as 500 labor hours each month. We thought that was certainly worth looking to, so we did. Here's what we found.

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How the Psychology of Store Layout Impacts Customers

Posted by Kathy Heil on Jan 11, 2019 11:21:12 AM

We know that color and music have a big impact on our shoppers, but what about store layout? Does your store layout really influence your customers? It does — in both positive and negative ways! Understanding the psychology of store layouts will not only attract more shoppers through your door, but it will also give them a memorable shopping experience and plenty of opportunities to pick up impulse items.

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