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5 Retail Promotions Hacks to Implement Now

Posted by Kathy Heil on Jul 5, 2016 2:11:34 PM


Sometimes retailers need more than fabulous window and interior displays to sell merchandise. That’s where retail promotions come in. They bring shoppers into your store, where they can zoom in on promoted items and browse the rest of your store as well. Thankfully, you don’t have to invent new retail promotions from scratch.

You can save time and get great results by adapting already-proven ideas to fit your merchandise and customers. Some retail promotion ideas work best for a particular type of store or product, but most have universal appeal. Here are five retail promotions hacks that can boost your sales right now.

1. Coupons

Whether you offer them in-store, online, in traditional advertising, or via direct mail, coupons work to get people in your door. Limit quantities (first 10 customers) or time (expires August 1st) to instill urgency.

2. Contests

Who doesn’t want to enter to win? The prize could be a shopping spree, a particular item, or something else. Provide entry forms in-store and/or online, and post links via social media and email, to promote your contest and get customers into the store to drop off their forms.

Build your email list with a contest that makes new subscribers eligible to win something. In the future, they’ll be among the first to learn about new promotions and receive special offers.

3. Rewards

Rewards not only build and thankloyalty, they encourage customers to buy more frequently to reach their rewards goals. When shoppers spend a certain amount of money or get X number of stamps on their card, give them a gift card or a discount on their next purchase. You could offer a free item (buy 10, get one free), but you want the “winner” to buy something with their reward, not just walk out with a free goodie.

PRO TIP: Effective rewards programs have easily attainable goals. If it seems too hard, customers won’t bother.

4. Strategic display

Think “outside the department” when placing displays. Promoting new merchandise in an unexpected location startles shoppers and captures more attention, including from customers who might not have seen the display otherwise.

No matter where you put them, special promotion displays must be big and colorful enough to stand out smartly in their surroundings. You expect them to be popular, so make sure they are well-stocked so you don’t have to refresh them too often.  

5. Cross-promotions

Join forces with neighboring or other complementary stores – or complementary brands. There are numerous ways to do this. You’ll increase sales and increase awareness of your store.

Surprised by some of these ideas? Probably not. Retail promotion hacks are successful because they rely on tried-and-true marketing techniques. It’s not about how creative you can be, it’s about knowing what will appeal most to your customers. Always track your promotions (what, where, when, price points), so you can repeat the ideas that perform the best.

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