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How to Improve Your Store Display Fixtures

Posted by Kathy Heil on Dec 8, 2016 12:24:33 PM

store display fixturesRetailers all agree that merchandise displays should take center stage in your store. Since that’s the case, why worry about improving store display fixtures? Their role is supporting, not starring, right? But the truth is, by improving your display fixtures, you can improve sales. And that’s a reason every retailer can buy into.

Your store display fixtures may play a supporting role, but they perform in two vital ways:

  1. They show off your merchandise.
  2. They encourage browsing and buying.

You can boost fixture performance throughout your store by using this formula:

exposure + customer engagement + dwell time = conversions

For best results, you’ll want to improve all three of the contributing elements. So work to ensure maximum visibility for your displays. Create displays that invite interaction. And arrange your display fixtures to make your entire store welcoming, comfortable, and easy to navigate. Do those things, and you’ll sell more. 

How can you improve store display fixtures?

  • Rearrange some of your fixtures. Freshness looks new, so this kind of simple improvement keeps returning customers interested. Relocating underperforming displays can spark new interest in them. Store display fixtures that are modular in design and coordinated in look are the most versatile. 
  • Refurbish your fixtures. Give them a new coat of paint. Or a slipcover. Try a new color or pattern. Reface them with a new material. Add decorative lights, or in-cabinet lighting that gives a new look to merchandise on display.
  • Add the latest technology. Digital signage, video displays, and self-serve kiosks with touch screens all attract attention and serve as silent salespeople.
  • Review your current floor plan. Whether it’s a sketch or a formal planogram, compare it against sales data, and target slowest-selling areas for priority improvement. (If you’ve tried relocating poky merchandise, you’ll know whether it’s the product or the display that’s underperforming.)
  • Is your lighting still working to optimum advantage? Interior light can change as seasonal daylight patterns change.
  • And not to belabor the obvious, but “spring” cleaning should occur far more often in any retail setting. Dust, fingerprints, chipped paint or other damage will instantly eliminate the value of every other effort you make to improve your store display fixtures.

If your fixtures have aged beyond the point of a facelift, or they don’t say “modern and innovative” to shoppers, it’s time to invest in something new. Our experts here at Palmer Retail Solutions can help you choose materials and designs that will be both sales-worthy and cost-effective.

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