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Inventory Solutions: Keep Hot Items On-Hand With Commercial Casework

Posted by Kathy Heil on Sep 13, 2017 1:18:23 PM

commercial caseworkThe last thing any retailer wants is for eager customers to assume you’re out of stock on the size, color, or style they want most. But it can be tough to keep fast-moving favorites front and center for customers. Rather than relying on a stock room in the back for all of your inventory, it can much more efficient to store popular backup items right at hand. All it takes is the right casework.

Well-designed commercial casework can put hot sellers right at your fingertips, for quick replacement when things run low on the shelves or your display appears to have gaps. The less time sales associates have to waste restocking, the more time they can devote to personal interactions with customers.

Put casework to work

Casework – display cabinets and showcases – can provide on-floor storage underneath displayed items, on shelves overhead, or accessible via the rear side of showcases. What works best depends on the type and size of your fast-moving products, but security may also be an issue. Locking cases are quick and easy for employees to open when restocking is needed, but otherwise keep merchandise away from tempted fingers.

Here at Palmer Retail Solutions, we can help you customize standard casework components or design fully custom cabinets and showcases. With our decades of experience in retail fixture design and construction, we understand that the right inventory solutions boost customer satisfaction and put more money in your pocket.

Well-designed quality casework solves another inventory challenge, too.

You also need on-floor storage for supplies – pens, scissors, wrapping materials, etc. that employees need at the checkout counter. And it’s crucial to maintain a plentiful supply of hot-selling last-minute impulse items displayed at your checkout area. That means your cash wrap must serve as an integrated work station.

You can incorporate drawers, open shelves, enclosed shelving or drawers, bins depending on the size and configuration of your cash wrap. It should be convenient and time-saving for staff while keeping your store neat and inviting looking. Will you have casework against the wall behind the checkout counter, or at a right angle, to provide more workspace? If so, the area underneath is perfect for storage.

You still need a “smart” stock room

Even the most useful on-floor casework won’t be all that helpful if sales staff have to flounder around in the back room when they do need to retrieve something from there. Your stock room should be organized as efficiently as possible, based on your merchandise and ordering patterns.

And, frankly, if the area is distinctly uninviting – unpleasantly hot or cold, ugly, cramped, or simply a mess – it can put a damper on morale as well as motivation. Remember, employee experience affects customer experience.

Lacking the storage space you need in back or on the sales floor to avoid the mess? Casework can solve that space issue, and we can help. Contact our experts today

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