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Top Security Tips for Your Jewelry Showcases

Posted by Kathy Heil on May 16, 2018 10:04:24 AM

jewelry showcasesJewelry is some of the most expensive merchandise a retailer can sell. And it’s always small and lightweight. That small size means customers will want to examine potential purchases up close. It also makes your merchandise especially vulnerable to theft, because it’s so easy to pick up and conceal quickly. Jewelry showcases have to both show off and protect your inventory.

Although smash-and-grab style burglaries are the most common forms of theft faced by jewelers, you can also suffer losses from employee malfeasance or carelessness that damages items. These tips will help ensure your jewelry showcases are performing beautifully, protecting your investment from theft and other losses.

When People are Around

Many thefts occur when stores are open for business. Your merchandise will be most secure if you:

  • Install locks on all your display cases, whether they open from the top or the back, and keep them locked. All types of cabinets can be outfitted with either keyed or combination locks.
  • Show just one item at a time, replacing it before removing another.
  • Replace the glass in your showcases with acrylic, or choose acrylic for custom designs. Many jewelers have made this switch because acrylic provides all the benefits of glass yet it’s much lighter and far stronger.

When No One is Around

Jewelers often make security mistakes when preparing merchandise for closing. You can avoid inadvertently increasing your risk by following these tips:

  • Do not simply cover your displays. That implies there is something especially valuable underneath, which can actually make theft more tempting.
  • Remove every piece from every display, locking inventory in a safe or vault. You can streamline this process and alleviate worries about excessive handling by using portable display trays you can carry back and forth without disturbing your display. Or you can purchase specialized jewelry showcase units that not only lock but rotate displays so they are out of sight during off-hours.

Loss Prevention Requires More Than Secure Jewelry Showcases

You need to protect your entire store as well as the jewelry itself. There are many ways to do that no matter the size of your store or your budget, from simple doorbell chimes to full-on surveillance systems. Always check before you leave to be sure your security system is working properly because it won’t do you any good if it’s on the fritz.

Thoroughly train new employees, and provide periodic refreshers for existing ones, especially as peak sales periods approach. If your staff knows how to “sell with security” during the busiest times, they’ll be prepared to do that every day of the year. Jewelers Mutual University offers comprehensive security training.

The cost of theft is higher than you might think. Aside from the monetary value of pieces stolen, you’ll have to pay to repair or replace damaged display cases, windows, etc. While you’re closed for that, you’ll lose sales. And you’ll have to purchase new inventory to replace lost merchandise. Investing in the right showcases and in-store procedures will significantly reduce those risks, without sacrificing visual merchandising or customer engagement.

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