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Tips to convert window shoppers into customers

Posted by Kathy Heil on Jun 11, 2015 5:35:00 PM

Convert window shoppers into customers

Oddly, some retailers think of window shoppers as non-buyers. If that were true, why would you go to so much trouble to create engaging window displays? In fact, window shoppers are often interested in what you have to offer – that’s why they’re looking. So, here are some tips to convert window shoppers into customers.

The first step is to understand what attracts people to your windows. 

That could be:

  • Considering a purchase, but not right now.
  • Collecting product information on their way to making a buying decision.
  • Comparing shops to determine where to make the purchase – which is why your displays need to make a unique impression.
  • A loyal customer simply stopping to enjoy your display, thinking about what their next purchase may be.

Head-turning windows can draw attention, even from people who didn’t know they were interested in what your sell.

Some shops have built-in drawing power.

A bakery or a candy store with an open door is undeniably tempting, because the goodies displayed in the window display are reinforced with powerful fragrances. Maybe you can’t duplicate that, but if you expect to convert window shoppers, your first order of business should be ensuring your entire exterior says “welcome, come on in.”

That means sparkling windows, fresh paint, colorful planters, and a clean, trash-free sidewalk and entrance. If you can prop the door open, that’s even better. And your interior should be equally colorful and welcoming, with attentive, appropriately attired employees.

Get window shoppers to take that first step.

They have to literally step inside your store if you’re going to wow them with all you have to offer. That starts with windows that use visual merchandising to both tempt and sell. Once they’re in, you can use your customer behavior know-how to help shoppers decide to buy, not just browse:

  • Use the power of suggestion. Post a sign near your entrance listing yesterday’s top 3 sellers.
  • Offer plenty of choices so customers can find something that is just right for them. Studies show “just right” is more powerful than price.
  • Reviews don’t just have power online. Post ratings and review quotes next to products.
  • Use bundling and other techniques to give customers a deal while encouraging them to buy more.
  • Give them a test drive. Aside from the obvious – food sampling, trying on clothes, testers for lotions and fragrances – consider how you might give your shoppers a hands-on experience with whatever you sell. Even restaurants and bars give wine and beer samples to help customers decide.
  • Encourage shoppers, whether they buy or not, to sign up for your email updates and specials. Typically retailers do that at the cash wrap, but you can also have your sales people ask someone who’s “just looking” if they would like to get on your list. That way, you can stay in touch to help convert window shoppers into future customers.

Finally, realize not everyone will buy today, but they will be back to buy from you in the future if you’re welcoming and helpful.

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