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Benefits of Acrylic Fabrication

Posted by aderby on Oct 1, 2013 11:58:26 AM

What you need to know about acrylic fabrication.

Tracing back to our roots, Palmer Retail Solutions has been among the largest and most diversified fabricators of acrylic in the industry. Our vast experience and scale in this category allow us to offer industry leading prices and service that cannot be matched. Acrylics can be molded and shaped to virtually any contour, making it a customizable retail solution.

Acrylic is a polymer created when giant carbon molecules combine chemically. Finished acrylic sheet exhibits glass-like qualities – clarity, brilliance, transparency, translucence – but at half the weight and up to 10 times the impact resistance. It can be tinted or colored, mirrored or made opaque. A number of coatings can be applied to a sheet or finished part for performance enhancing characteristics such as scratch resistance, anti-fogging, glare reduction and solar reflective.

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