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The advantages of using kiosks

Posted by aderby on Aug 28, 2014 7:31:09 AM

Kiosks make your business more versatile

Customers love a tech-savvy store. Kiosks can play a variety of roles when it comes to store design, because they're so versatile. They help you personalize each customer’s shopping experience, and they set you apart from the same-old-thing store down the way. They demonstrate you’re au courant, no matter what you sell.

You can use kiosks to:

  • Incorporate monitors into your POS displays, showing videos shoppers can watch to learn more about the product or how to use it.
  • Create interactive dressing rooms, where customers can select additional items, sizes or colors to try on without leaving the room.
  • Ask customers to fill out a quick survey or even write a review of your store or newest product, right on the spot.
  • Offer a self-service option for checkout and payment.

Store design that supports a positive, memorable experience helps generate more sales. What does your store design say about you?

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