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The Best Location for A Cash Wrap Counter

Posted by Kathy Heil on Jan 16, 2015 8:00:12 AM

The Right Place For Cash Wrap Success Is Not On the Right

Psychology plays a key role in the success of your retail store – from the display windows that beckon potential customers inside, to the way you display merchandise, to the location you choose for your cash wrap counter. This final step in your shopper’s journey is the last thing they see, so it has to leave them savoring a positive experience. Done right, it can leave you with additional revenue, too. To some extent, the best location for your cash wrap depends on the size and shape of your space, and what kinds of security concerns you may have. However, except in a few very specific circumstances, the worst possible cash wrap location is to the right of your entrance.

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How to Choose a Cash Wrap

Posted by aderby on Sep 24, 2013 9:50:01 AM

Selecting your style of cash wrap.

Choose a cash wrap style that fits your retail needs.

Considered to be the signature fixture in most retail environments, Palmer derives great satisfaction from designing unique cash wraps that incorporate maximum functionality, ergonomics and offer long-lasting service. Cash wrap configurations vary greatly and can be customized to fit almost any need. Once you figure out what your needs are, Palmer can work with you to decide what style of cash wrap will be most effective for your retail business

Cash Wrap Customization

Retail visual stylist Debi Ward shares the typical styles of wrap stations, which typically consist of one, two, or three parts:
A one-part unit has a single countertop/cabinet combination that sits parallel or perpendicular to a wall.
A two–part configuration has a freestanding front and a parallel rear section up against a wall.
A three-part configuration is usually a 'U'-shaped grouping that sits perpendicular to a wall. Often times these become a square configuration by situating them in the center of a space, and then closing off the end of the 'U' with a jewelry case, etc.
Consider your stores' activities and needs when deciding what style to select. Do you need two registers? Do you package merchandise at the counter and need additional space? The front counter is for the cash register and for customers to place their items. If you need room for other activities, they should be provided for and not take place in the customer's way. This is your chance to communicate with customers, so don't overwhelm them. Limit counter space to a few point of purchase displays.
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