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Retail Insights: What You Should Be Tracking to Improve Sales

Posted by Kathy Heil on Dec 6, 2016 3:40:46 PM

It’s not exactly news to retailers that you can sell more if you know more about your customers. But the process of getting to know them can feel like an overwhelming task. It doesn’t have to be. Just because we’re surrounded by Big Data doesn’t mean you have to – or should – try to track and understand all of it. You can target your efforts to glean retail insight, to zero in on what matters most for your store.

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Precision Marketing Techniques for Retail Stores

Posted by Kathy Heil on Sep 22, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Precision marketing is exactly what the name implies. By now, every retailer knows that blanket campaigns aimed at more-or-less everybody attract nobody in particular. Generalities aren’t relevant. They don’t make the kind of personalized, emotional connection you need to attract and keep the shoppers you want. 

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Modern Rules to Retain Customers

Posted by Kathy Heil on Apr 19, 2016 2:46:53 PM

In many ways, shopping has changed dramatically over the years. The merchandise you sell, the way you promote it and the very appearance of your store are all quite different than a generation or two ago. It stands to reason that the tactics you use to retain customers have changed significantly, too. 

But have they? As we look at modern rules to retain customers, we can see that many of them aren’t all that different from the old days. Technology advancements open the door to broader retention opportunities, but friendly personal service has never gone out of style. So what works best in this modern world?

Listen up.

The old adage “the customer is always right” may not be technically true, but one thing is certain: today’s shoppers expect you to listen to them whether they’re making a suggestion or complaining. Negatives aren’t fun to hear, but behind most of them is a solid clue for improvement. You want happy customers, so listen to what makes them unhappy.

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How to Keep Holiday Shopping Going

Posted by Kathy Heil on Dec 23, 2014 12:34:01 PM

Tips to Retain Customer after Christmas

If you aren’t doing everything you can to boost post-holiday sales, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Smart retailers know there are many ways to retain customers after Christmas and into the New Year. It goes far beyond holding the obligatory clearance sale on seasonal items and unsold gift-intended merchandise. Here are some tips to keep the holiday shopping season going even after the holidays are over.

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