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How to Increase Sales with Endcaps

Posted by aderby on Sep 26, 2013 6:27:14 AM

Get your business out of a retail slump.

The retail sector is fickle. What do you do when the daily sales receipts are down? Palmer Retail Solutions brings you some tips to survive a sales slump by focusing on your endcaps.

Keep Consumers Interested

Customers will keep coming back if you can create an atmosphere that presents new experiences when shopping. This is where endcaps come into play. Increase your profits by maximizing the effectiveness of your endcap displays. Good store planning can make all the difference.

  • Change out products on endcaps frequently. Keep repeat customers engaged by giving them something new to grab their attention.
  • Rearrange your endcaps. Moving the placement of endcaps around the store keeps the layout feeling fresh and new.
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