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Retail Fixtures 101: Displays that Drive Sales

Posted by Kathy Heil on Feb 2, 2015 12:32:11 PM

Psychology of Floor Fixtures & Wall Fixtures

Do you know people who just love to shop? Of course you do. You may be one of them. These are certainly people you want to come into your retail store. How you arrange your retail fixtures – both floor and wall fixtures – can turn your store into the preferred place to shop, even for those who don’t rank shopping high on their entertainment list. Understanding the retail psychology of floor and wall fixtures will help you display merchandise effectively and drive sales from the moment customers enter to the time they check out.

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Adjusting your Store For Retail Seasons

Posted by Kathy Heil on Oct 14, 2014 8:50:59 AM

How to Utilize the Many Seasons of Retail

The seasons change, and with each change comes new merchandise whether you sell groceries, apparel, sporting goods or jewelry. For retailers, there are actually far more than the four “seasons” most people think about. You don’t need all-new store fixtures to show off each new season. Creatively using your existing store fixtures can attract renewed customer interest as you move from one season to the next. Simply reorganize, use props and decorations.

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Types of Cash Wrap Configurations

Posted by Kathy Heil on May 20, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Choose the best cash wrap configuration for your needs.

Cash wrap configurations can be virtually anything you want, which means you can design them to perfectly match your functional needs and also the look and atmosphere of your store.

Exactly where you put your cash wrap counter and which configuration you choose will depend on the size and shape of your retail store as well as which activities you need to handle at the counter area. Cash wraps:

  • Keep things organized.
  • Give customers a place to set merchandise and pay for their purchases.
  • Encourage a bit of last-minute impulse shopping.
  • Enable employees to have a final personal interaction with customers, sending them on their way with a smile.

What shape do you want?

Cash wraps can be designed in three basic configurations:

  • A single countertop or cabinet surface, placed parallel or perpendicular to the wall or as a free-standing “island.”
  • A two-part unit – one section parallel to the wall and another free-standing unit placed in front, facing the customer.
  • Three-part design that encloses the two-part unit on one side, creating horseshoe.

Two or three-sided configurations are best if you need more than one payment station, and a U-shape improves security by restricting access behind the counter.

You can build your cash wrap counter as a simple, level countertop or add a desk-type section, but you’ll also want a cabinet that contains drawers and shelving – with doors -- to keep extra supplies out of sight. Recessed top shelves are useful for hiding electrical cords, and adjustable shelves are handy for holding hangers, returned merchandise or wrapping supplies and bags.

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Retail Display Safety

Posted by Kathy Heil on May 2, 2014 5:00:13 AM

Keep your store safe for employees and customers by following these tips.

Retail display safety is critical. The last thing you want to happen in your store is an accident of some kind. Customers or employees could be injured, and merchandise could get broken or otherwise damaged. In a shopping environment where creating an outstanding customer experience is your top priority, accidents can erase all your othper efforts in a heartbeat.

What can go wrong?

Fixtures and display units come in all types and sizes – from slatwalls and shelving units to mobile or fixed display cases such as counters, gondolas and tables, to free-standing racks, kiosks or sunglass racks. Displays can also incorporate digital signage units. These products can be constructed of wood, plastic, wire, metal, cardboard or glass.

The sheer variety of display options adds to the list of potential accidents:

  • Improper assembly or overloading your display with too much merchandise can cause it to collapse.
  • Uneven loading can also cause a display to tip over or collapse.
  • Empty endcaps and low-level stacks of merchandise can cause shoppers to trip and fall, since they’re most likely focused on your products, not the floor.
  • Display hooks with sharp ends can cut or scratch.
  • Damaged display components can cause failure or injuries.
  • Employees can fall as a result of using back room shelving or even lighting fixtures to climb up or brace themselves when retrieving merchandise.
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The Floor Beneath Your Floor Fixtures

Posted by aderby on Nov 5, 2013 5:53:59 AM

Your flooring serves as an integral store component.

Flooring may be beneath your feet, but should be on the top of your mind. While we work with the industry’s leading technology providers to seamlessly incorporate exciting electronic interactivity into our kiosks and many of our floor fixtures, the flooring those fixtures stand on will either enhance or detract from the customer’s overall experience. It's important to find materials that contribute to the store's theme without distracting from merchandise. You need to choose the right floor for your store!

How to Choose the Right Floor for Your Store

Many criteria should be considered when choosing flooring. Do those glossy white floors appeal to you? Keep in mind they will need to be cleaned near-constantly to stay smudge-free. The same goes for floors that have deep grooves or a pronounced texture, which can grab and hold dirt. If you're a franchise or brand with multiple outlets, your flooring may even vary by location. You might consider hardwood for a flagship store, an engineered floor in a mall store, and vinyl for the outlet store that gets a lot of foot traffic that has been stomping through snow. Your flooring can even change within a singular store.

Keep these aspects in mind when selecting the type of flooring for your store:

  • Visual and design goals
  • Type of flooring desired
  • Budget
  • Subflooring type, condition, and preparation
  • Transition areas to other materials (carpet, stone, tile, etc.)
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The Balance Between Flashy and Functional Store Fixtures

Posted by aderby on Oct 18, 2013 7:14:03 AM

Making store fixtures work for you.

Retail fixtures can enhance or hurt the customer experience. Store fixtures may come as an afterthought with the all-important product being top-of-mind. If the product isn't displayed properly however, it will never sell. The question is, when to go for flashy and when to go for functional store fixtures?

Flashy versus Functional Store Fixtures

The common sense solution for your storefront is to use neutral fixtures so that customers focus on the featured merchandise, rather than the store design. Truly good store layouts and designs will require minimal thinking on the consumer's part. It will be natural and effortless to navigate. A flashy fixture can serve as a retail solution in special situations however.

A flashy fixture can work if it remains functional and cohesive as a unit throughout the store. Choose the beautiful and bold store fixtures when:

  • It is appropriate for the merchandise being sold. Choose a fixture that makes accessing and stocking items simple. The unit should be able to hold different items in an easy, secure, and sensible way.
  • The fixtures don't detriment the design. The store fixtures should never be the focus of the customer. The store fixture should be able to hold a fair amount of items to showcase. Fixtures with limited display areas will become a restocking hassle.
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How to Best Use Clothing Store Fixtures

Posted by aderby on Oct 15, 2013 10:57:19 AM

Clothing store fixtures translate to successful sales.

To sell product, you need to showcase inventory. Products won't sell if they're difficult to reach or displayed in unappealing ways. Store fixtures have the capability to circulate and move product. Think of your store fixtures as a restaurant menu. Create interest and encourage sales with visual displays.

Select from a Variety of Store Fixtures

  • Gondolas
  • Retail tables
  • Mannequins
  • Slatwall fixtures
  • Gridwall fixtures
  • Merchandising racks
  • Chrome clothing racks
  • Adjustable straight-rod collapsible racks
  • Two and four-way waterfall racks
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Merchandising Floor Plan with Fixtures

Posted by aderby on Sep 4, 2013 11:24:03 AM

Effectively use your retail display space.

Floor fixtures are freestanding retail displays used to maximize sales in a retail environment. They often display new or featured products and smaller impulse buy items such as add-ons to your store’s main product. They are great for featuring those “quick decision” products or accessories that complement a main product line. Make the most of your freestanding floor fixtures by designing a merchandising floor plan that will highlight your products.

Merchandising Floor Plan

Grid Layout

Before deciding on a layout, decide what your objective is. If your business is dependent on customer interaction, and one-on-one sales tactics, keep ample space in mind. Leave room on the floor for customer service.

One popular floor layout with fixtures in mind is the grid layout. The grid layout is a linear design that features and relies on floor fixtures for structure. Freestanding fixtures create aisles and pathways in the store to direct traffic.

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Floor Fixtures 101

Posted by adminx on May 14, 2013 9:08:48 AM

What you need to know about floor fixtures.

Floor fixtures are freestanding retail displays used to maximize sales in a retail environment. They often display new or featured products and smaller impulse buy items such as add-ons to your store’s main product. They are great for featuring those “quick decision” products or accessories that complement a main product line.

Floor fixtures allow greater merchandising flexibility because you can place them wherever they work best with your store’s traffic flow. Because the products displayed on floor fixtures are typically inexpensive, low-maintenance, highly visible items, they can be rotated more often making your store's item selection appear more dynamic. They also make it easy for you to switch out the products you want to feature, allowing you to keep your displays looking current, fresh and more appealing.

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