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Become a Retail Entrepreneur with a Mall Kiosk

Posted by Kathy Heil on Jul 3, 2014 6:53:44 AM

A mall kiosk could be the solution for you.

Dreaming of becoming a retail entrepreneur? Think mall kiosk. It’s a great way to get started, for several reasons:

  • Low start-up costs compared to a traditional store.
  • Flexible, shorter lease commitment.
  • Easier to test new merchandise.
  • Smaller inventory needs.
  • Superb visibility to build brand recognition quickly.
  • Built-in supply of shoppers.

The type of mall kiosk that’s right for you will depend on your goals, your experience and your budget. What should you look for?

The Right Location

Your kiosk could be located in a shopping mall, but you might also consider the airport or some other high-traffic shopping location. Within the mall, you may want to be near a food court or a store that sells complementary merchandise.

The Right Products

The top three mall kiosk merchandise categories are apparel, cell phone accessories and personal care/health products, but your options are virtually unlimited. Choose a product that’s unique – certainly among other kiosks within your mall, but preferably different from what’s available in the mall’s traditional stores as well.

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