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Tips for Kiosk Security

Posted by adminx on Feb 15, 2013 7:52:25 AM

Ways to keep your kiosk secure.
This is one of the most frequently addressed issues when managing a mobile retail unit. Unlike a traditional storefront, where the doors can be locked and the alarm system set, a kiosk does not have the luxury of standard security. Palmer Retail Solutions provides ways to keep your investment and kiosk secure.

Full safes are very expensive, limited in capacity, and difficult to incorporate into a kiosk. Our solution for general retail kiosks is to install a less expensive steel security door which gives the impression of full safe protection. These special security doors are made with a steel boarder, visible hinges, and a keypad. Thus far, our customers have reported 100 percent success with this method of security. There are often additional safes or secure storage in non-display portions of the kiosk, but experience shows, the visible safe door alone decreases motivation to explore theft options any further.

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