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Find the Right Pop Up Shop Location

Posted by Kathy Heil on Jun 10, 2014 5:30:20 AM

Considerations for your pop up shop location.

Pop up shops are increasingly popular among online retailers looking to add a physical sales channel to their customer shopping options without adding the significant costs of a permanent location. But a pop up shop can be equally valuable to help seasonal marketers and traditional retailers increase sales.

The key is selecting a great location. That could be just about anywhere:

  • A traditional shopping setting such as a mall, where your shop might be a stand-alone kiosk or other space in the center of the main aisle, or it might be in a vacant in-line space. Vacant street-level storefront space can sometimes be a great location, too.
  • Shared space within an existing store that offers complementary merchandise or services. Joint promotions can drive additional sales for both stores. Storefront is an online resource dedicated to matching pop ups with retail locations in cities all around the country.
  • Within a multiple-store shopping venue such as a farmers market, arts and crafts fairs, galleries and other marketplaces that provide ongoing space for groups of pop up shop retailers.
  • Something entirely unconventional such as a special events venue, sporting events and music concerts or themed expos such as health and fitness fairs. An unusual location pairing can spark additional interest in your pop up shop.

The old saying “location, location, location” couldn’t be more appropriate. But since the entire point of a pop up shop is limited duration, it has one tremendous advantage over a permanent retail store. If the location isn’t what you’d hoped it would be, you can easily go somewhere else next time. Experiment with different spaces. to see which work best for you.

Nonetheless, you want to generate the most revenue and get the strongest return on your investment, so it literally pays to select the best possible location. Look for these specific attributes:

The right ambiance.

What are you selling? Not every “good” location is a good fit with every product or service or every audience demographic. Has there been a pop up shop here before? How successful was it?

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