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Anatomy of a Mannequin

Posted by aderby on Oct 29, 2013 6:21:11 AM

What you need to know about mannequins.

Mannequins make for the perfect retail store fixture solution to highlight your wearable merchandise. While meant to resemble the anatomy of a human body, mannequins are made up of unique components that make them suitable for the retail environment. Make the most of your mannequins by understanding the essential features of their construction.

Components of a Mannequin

  • Foot flange: Mannequins standing upright are typically attached to their base by a foot flange. The foot has a hole, which fits over a rod protruding from the base. This rod is either a round or square extruded bar, matching the size and shape of the hole in the mannequin's foot. This type of base attachment makes the mannequin very accessible and easy to remove from the base, but does impede the ability to display shoes or stockings. A mannequin using a foot flange rod tends to have bare feet.
  • Calf and ankle rod: A short, upright bar extends up from the base and inserts into the fitting above the mannequin's ankle or calf. This type of base attachment will allow you to display shoes and pants. Note that you won't be able to display stirrup or Capri pants. Word to the wise, also pay attention to the area around the rod. Repeated movement on and off the stand can lead to cracks and weakening of the leg, leading to a broken mannequin.
  • Butt rod: This is a square or round metal rod, extending up at an angle from the base that attaches to the mannequin's upper thigh. You have likely seen this type of mannequin before, as this used to be an industry standard. There is one huge disadvantage to the style as displayed pants must have the seams opened.
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