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Retail Display Safety

Posted by Kathy Heil on May 2, 2014 5:00:13 AM

Keep your store safe for employees and customers by following these tips.

Retail display safety is critical. The last thing you want to happen in your store is an accident of some kind. Customers or employees could be injured, and merchandise could get broken or otherwise damaged. In a shopping environment where creating an outstanding customer experience is your top priority, accidents can erase all your othper efforts in a heartbeat.

What can go wrong?

Fixtures and display units come in all types and sizes – from slatwalls and shelving units to mobile or fixed display cases such as counters, gondolas and tables, to free-standing racks, kiosks or sunglass racks. Displays can also incorporate digital signage units. These products can be constructed of wood, plastic, wire, metal, cardboard or glass.

The sheer variety of display options adds to the list of potential accidents:

  • Improper assembly or overloading your display with too much merchandise can cause it to collapse.
  • Uneven loading can also cause a display to tip over or collapse.
  • Empty endcaps and low-level stacks of merchandise can cause shoppers to trip and fall, since they’re most likely focused on your products, not the floor.
  • Display hooks with sharp ends can cut or scratch.
  • Damaged display components can cause failure or injuries.
  • Employees can fall as a result of using back room shelving or even lighting fixtures to climb up or brace themselves when retrieving merchandise.
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Retail Marketing to Millennials

Posted by Kathy Heil on Apr 29, 2014 10:00:58 AM

Market to millennials successfully with these tips.

Older generations always seem to have difficulty understanding younger ones. But for retail marketers who are perhaps in one of those older generations, millennials present a true mystery. What’s so different about these young adults? And how do you strategize an effective plan for retail marketing to millennials?

Just who are these “millennials”?

They are men and women ages 18-33 – the first generation to officially reach adulthood in the new millennium. With more than 50 million of them here in the United States, so finding an effective marketing strategy definitely makes sense for retailers who want to thrive in the future.

A report just released the renowned Pew Research reveals some interesting facts about millennials, compared to earlier generations. They:

  • Hold more liberal views on social issues than their parents.
  • Are better educated than any earlier generation.
  • Have more student debt.
  • Are less likely to be married.
  • Are “low on social trust” – in other words, they’re brand aware but not brand loyal.
  • Spend about an hour a day on retail websites.
  • Prefer brand interaction to traditional advertising – they’re happy to engage with you, but want to do that on their own terms.
  • Rely on word of mouth rather than research to make buying decisions. Social media networks are their go-to resources, especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

They’re upbeat and optimistic about their future. A whopping 85 percent of those who responded to the Pew survey said they have, or anticipate having, enough money to live the way they want to. Admittedly, many of them are either still living with their parents (thanks to the recession) or are receiving money from them.

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How to Best Use Interactive Kiosks in 2014

Posted by aderby on Jan 31, 2014 12:05:47 PM

Keep on top of kiosk trends in 2014.

Self-service kiosks keep your business fresh and customizes the customer's experience. Cutting edge kiosks instill confidence that your store is innovative. Customers appreciate the 24/7 convenience, especially younger generations who expect nothing less than the latest technology at their fingertips.

So what’s trending in 2014 for self-service kiosks?

  • Developers are using existing operating systems for smartphones, rather than custom-designing software for specific types of kiosks. It’s faster, cheaper and already incorporates desirable features such as mapping, payments, intuitive hand gestures, and of course communication. It also enables linking mobile devices with in-store kiosks.
  • Widespread use of tablets by consumers is creating some concern that tablets could replace kiosks, but industry-watchers suggest the opposite is more likely – increasing integration of tablets into self service kiosks to make them even more appealing and accessible.
  • Look for new remote management options that enable configuration and ongoing management of self-service kiosks as well as immediate response to problems. Expect an increasing prevalence of kiosks for self-ordering and self-checkout, across a variety of industries. You'll also see an emphasis on sustainability, since self-service kiosks offer a smaller carbon footprint compared to other resources.
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