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2016 Trends in Retail Theft Prevention

Posted by Kathy Heil on Nov 3, 2016 12:51:45 PM

With the holidays virtually upon us, this is no time for retailers to let down their guard. The busier your store is, the more inviting it is to thieves. So ‘tis the season to look at trends in retail theft prevention that can help ensure your year-end sales season is a merry one.

Experts note that the focus has moved away from arresting thieves to loss prevention – enacting tactics that ensure you lose the least. While this may sound like giving up, the truth is that no store is theft-proof.

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How Does CELLMATE Work?

Posted by adminx on Mar 14, 2013 6:46:34 AM

CELLMATE, Palmer Retail Solutions’ newest security device for live smartphones and tablets, is the perfect way to display your mobile devices with the confidence that they will not be stolen. If you’re looking for more information on the CELLMATE, read on to see exactly how it works.

There are two components needed to complete the system, a CELLMATE pedestal and a precision-machined acrylic block, which we call the CELLBLOCK. The CELLMATE pedestal is made of 1/8” thick steel that has been laser cut, fabricated, and powder-coated. The acrylic block is made from ½” thick acrylic that has been precision-machined to match the geometry of the displayed device so that the face and any relevant side buttons are accessible allowing the customer to fully experience the phone’s features.

The CELLMATE pedestal is first attached to the retail fixture. There are multiple types of mounting solutions available which accommodate most countertop display fixtures. Once the CELLMATE base has been secured to the fixture, a handset device is loaded into the acrylic CELLBLOCK and inserted into the base. The frame is then sealed with security screws. An optional padlock can be added for additional security. The phone can be switched out quickly or even removed altogether each night before the store is closed. Instead of requiring special coupling cords, the phones are powered using the manufacturer’s charging cable that is included with the handset device. The CELLMATE Security System has a built-in cord management solution to minimize the unsightly presence of loose power cords.

Each of the CELLMATE pedestals has been constructed with the ability to add an optional side saddle, which contains a standard recoil device and stay-square alignment block that holds a dummy phone in a well-merchandised position. The dummy phone allows a customer to experience the feel and weight of the phone.

If you’re ready to secure devices with confidence, click below for Palmer’s catalog and pricing.

Pricing Guide and Catalog

Palmer Retail Solutions strives to offer our clients the absolute best combination of innovation, quality, service, and value for our diversified custom store fixtures and merchandising displays. For more information about our designs, retail fixtures, cash wraps, kiosks, or point of purchase displays, visit our website at

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Introducing CELLMATE, Palmer Retail Solutions’ Mobile Security Device

Posted by adminx on Mar 8, 2013 11:59:49 AM

As you know, one of the challenges facing the wireless industry is that there is no effective way to truly secure a live smartphone or tablet with the confidence that it will not be stolen. As a result, many retailers are limiting the number of live devices they put on display. Another challenge in the current wireless security industry is that the alarm-based solutions are cumbersome and very expensive. Every cell phone retailer who has ever displayed a live smartphone or tablet has experienced stolen products. The cost of stolen phones and tablets at retail is staggering.

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