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2014 Digital Trends for Self-Service Kiosks

Posted by aderby on Dec 30, 2013 6:15:54 AM

Top 2014 trends for self-service kiosks.

It's critical to remain competitive and innovative within the kiosk industry. Self-service kiosks should constantly evolve to provide users with newer and better benefits. Kiosks touch points allow brands to interact with the customer in an authentic and mutually beneficial manner. We can continue to build upon this relationship by incorporating the top 2014 digital trends in today’s interactive kiosks.

Forbes magazine reached out to marketing thought leaders for their predictions on what 2014 will bring for digital trends. Kiosk Marketplace then summarized and listed the top points, as they apply to self-service and kiosks.

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  1. Provide Customer Centric Information that is helpful to target customers.
  2. Join mobile and social together to reach audiences at the heart of their digital usage
  3. Identify targeted niche communities.
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Kiosk 101: What is an Interactive Kiosk

Posted by aderby on Jul 22, 2013 2:13:35 PM

Introduction to interactive kiosks.

At Palmer Retail Solutions, we work with the industry’s leading technology providers to seamlessly incorporate electronic interactivity into our kiosks. These days more and more brick-and-mortar stores are recognizing the advantages of offering self-service kiosk for their customers use. Interactive kiosks are becoming more common in various retail environments. Think about all the different ways you have used an interactive kiosk: to check-in at the airport, browse catalogs in stores, check prices, learn more about featured products, to check-out, and so on. The opportunities are endless.

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