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7 Examples of Awesome Holiday Store Layouts

Posted by Kathy Heil on Nov 25, 2015 2:51:29 PM

Retail competition is fierce this time of year. Shoppers are out in force, and they’re on a mission, looking for the season’s must-haves, but also new ideas to take their homes, themselves and their gift-giving to a new level. Your holiday store layout has to grab their attention, make it easy to find items already on their list, and entice them to pick up and buy more than they intended.

That’s a tall order, but this is the sales season that will determine your bottom line for 2015. Your store layout has to be nothing short of awesome. Here are some awesome examples to help you.

1. Layout that sells starts outside, with your window.

If it isn’t eye-catching, the throngs of shoppers will rush on by. No matter how inventive your window display, make sure it gives potential customers a tantalizing taste of what they’ll find inside.

2. The right layout leads shoppers past all the goodies.

Review the principles of retail store design to be sure your fixtures are arranged in a pattern that promotes your merchandise to best advantage and guides your customers smoothly on their journey around your store. The most successful floor plan depends on what you sell, your clientele, and the size and shape of your store — whether you’re a grocer, a clothing boutique or a jeweler.

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Black Friday Tips: How to Use Store Displays to Optimize Your Store Layout

Posted by Kathy Heil on Oct 13, 2015 12:28:39 PM

Streamlined but tempting. That’s the store layout you’ll need if you hope to get through Black Friday relatively unscathed and well into the black. The store displays you create for this frenzied day of shopping will help you optimize your store’s layout so customers can snare everything they wanted (and more) and leave so happy they’ll want to return again soon. Maybe when it’s a little quieter.

Store layout for Black Friday should showcase your hottest items in each department or merchandise section. But don’t let shoppers simply grab the best goods and go without even seeing additional buying opportunities.

Keep traffic flowing.

Backtracking in crowded conditions could lead to gridlock, flaring tempers and lost sales. Consider using temporary freestanding fixtures. Position them to direct traffic while displaying most-wanted merchandise, literally leading shoppers through the store. It’s a good idea to read up on how you can use your store layout to ensure a safe and orderly (well, sort of orderly) experience for everyone.

As you’re planning your displays, consider the fact that maximizing floor space is critical, because you have to allow more room than usual for customers’ feet and loaded arms or carts. You can’t have displays that block aisles.

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Guidelines for Store Accessibility

Posted by Kathy Heil on Feb 23, 2015 11:42:07 AM

Store Layout Tips to Attract All Customers

Shoppers don’t have to be “handicapped” to have trouble navigating many retail stores. When you think “accessible,” you might picture someone in a wheelchair. But your customers could also be using a walker, a cane or crutches. They may be blind or vision-impaired. They could be pushing a baby stroller. Or, if they’re like most Americans, they may simply be fearful of the “butt-brush effect.” Welcome to our new blog series on store layouts. In this first article, we’ll give you some guidelines for store accessibility that should make your store more welcoming to all customers, and more profitable, as well.

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Retail Fixtures 101: Displays that Drive Sales

Posted by Kathy Heil on Feb 2, 2015 12:32:11 PM

Psychology of Floor Fixtures & Wall Fixtures

Do you know people who just love to shop? Of course you do. You may be one of them. These are certainly people you want to come into your retail store. How you arrange your retail fixtures – both floor and wall fixtures – can turn your store into the preferred place to shop, even for those who don’t rank shopping high on their entertainment list. Understanding the retail psychology of floor and wall fixtures will help you display merchandise effectively and drive sales from the moment customers enter to the time they check out.

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Psychology of Store Layouts

Posted by Kathy Heil on Jan 5, 2015 9:51:33 AM

8 Tips to Turbo-Charge Your Retail Store Design


Image courtesy of:

Successful retailers know it is important to stock the items shoppers want most, whether that’s groceries or the latest trendy fashions. But must-have merchandise is not enough to ensure success. Your retail store design can make or break your profitability, because shopping – even for the most mundane items – is tied to psychology.

As a result, understanding the psychology of store layouts will not only attract more shoppers through your front door, but it will give them a more interesting shopping experience and plenty of opportunities to pick up impulse items. Here are several tips to turbo-charge your retail store design.

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The Psychology of Cash Wrap Counters

Posted by Kathy Heil on May 22, 2014 7:00:42 AM

Place your cash wrap in the optimum spot.

The cash wrap counter – or “check-out counter” in the minds of your customers – is one of the most important elements within your store. Even though it’s the last stop for shoppers, it can make or break their positive experience, serving as a point of sale as well as a point of purchase. How you configure cash wraps and where you place them requires some smart psychology on your part.

Cash wraps send several messages to customers.

They should be attractive, easy to find and convenient for both customers and employees to use. Studies show most customers head to the right when entering a store, so locating your cash wrap counter to the left, but not right inside the entrance, enables shoppers to circle through your merchandise displays and arrive at the counter on their way out.

Depending on your store’s layout, another location may be more appropriate, but you certainly don’t want to give up your most valuable merchandising real estate for the cash wrap area.

If your store is a square shape, centering the cash wrap might work well, unless security considerations indicate it should be closer to the entrance/exit. And, of course, very large stores often have multiple counters strategically located throughout the shopping area.

Cash wrap counters should offer plenty of space. Customers will need enough room to comfortably:

  • Set down their items, even if they have an armload.
  • Write a check or sign a credit card slip. If you use a card reader, it should be within easy reach. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires some stores to offer a writing surface between 28-30 inches high, but you can accommodate this with a pull-out shelf or by offering a portable writing surface.

Sales staff need enough room to:

  • Position computers, cash registers or other relevant equipment or tools, and add equipment to accommodate shoppers quickly during busiest periods.
  • Efficiently scan and wrap items. Often cash wraps have a separate counter space for wrapping and packaging merchandise.
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Retail Marketing to Millennials

Posted by Kathy Heil on Apr 29, 2014 10:00:58 AM

Market to millennials successfully with these tips.

Older generations always seem to have difficulty understanding younger ones. But for retail marketers who are perhaps in one of those older generations, millennials present a true mystery. What’s so different about these young adults? And how do you strategize an effective plan for retail marketing to millennials?

Just who are these “millennials”?

They are men and women ages 18-33 – the first generation to officially reach adulthood in the new millennium. With more than 50 million of them here in the United States, so finding an effective marketing strategy definitely makes sense for retailers who want to thrive in the future.

A report just released the renowned Pew Research reveals some interesting facts about millennials, compared to earlier generations. They:

  • Hold more liberal views on social issues than their parents.
  • Are better educated than any earlier generation.
  • Have more student debt.
  • Are less likely to be married.
  • Are “low on social trust” – in other words, they’re brand aware but not brand loyal.
  • Spend about an hour a day on retail websites.
  • Prefer brand interaction to traditional advertising – they’re happy to engage with you, but want to do that on their own terms.
  • Rely on word of mouth rather than research to make buying decisions. Social media networks are their go-to resources, especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

They’re upbeat and optimistic about their future. A whopping 85 percent of those who responded to the Pew survey said they have, or anticipate having, enough money to live the way they want to. Admittedly, many of them are either still living with their parents (thanks to the recession) or are receiving money from them.

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Five Tips for Effective Retail Store Management

Posted by Kathy Heil on Apr 22, 2014 5:00:42 AM

How to successfully manage your retail store.

Successful retail stores are compelling in their ability to attract customers, convenient in their interactions with those customers and consistent in how they present their brand and their merchandise. Effective retail management ensures all three of those goals are met, in ways that increase sales and protect profitability. It’s a tough job.

Physical presence and people both contribute to successful differentiation among retail stores. Clear, immediately recognizable brand identity is important for every business, but it’s critical for retailers who operate multiple locations. Effective retail managers ensure their store’s atmosphere is appealing and that their employees present a welcoming, responsive demeanor. Done right, it all says “buy from us.”

Customer-centric in every way.

No one has to buy from your store. These days consumers demand personal attention and product customization. Effective retail store managers ensure everything about their establishment makes shopping an easy, streamlined and simply excellent experience.

The latest display trends.

Good old-fashioned suggestive selling never goes out of style. Top-notch sales floor staff use it when interacting with customers. But merchandise displays and digital signage can set the stage for maximum sales success.

Modular furnishings and wall-mounted display systems facilitate refreshing displays. You can test new promotional ideas as well as keep your sales floor visually interesting. Thoughtfully designed displays help speed inventory turns and reduce shrinkage, improving your bottom line in both ways. And adding interactive kiosks can give your in-store marketing even greater dimension.

Well planned, creative displays allow merchandise to sell itself, showing off color, utility, versatility, etc. Beyond that, it’s people who make the sale.

Effective people management.

Employees who are well-trained and confident are positive, motivated and motivating to others. That’s the person you want on your sales floor, and it’s the person your customers expect to see. It falls to managers of retail stores to consistently provide:

  • Clear communication of company goals and priorities. The more line staff know, the better they understand their role in accomplishing goals. They feel empowered, because they can see how their work affects storewide results.
  • Conflict resolution support, especially when customers are disgruntled. A well-treated unhappy customer can become a valuable advocate.
  • Encouragement and active solicitation of employee ideas, especially regarding selling and displays. Floor staff that interact daily with customers know what’s working and what could be improved. Are prospective customers slowing or stopping to look at window displays but not entering? When they do enter, can they immediately see what’s available and find their way around?

The best employees listen actively to customers, and they want to contribute what they’ve learned about customer wants and needs.

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Leveraging the Shopping Behavior of Millennials

Posted by aderby on Jan 9, 2014 6:52:04 AM

Create a retail environment that attracts millennial shoppers.

If your retail store is looking to target millennial shoppers, it's worth your time to customize the environment to suit their needs and spending habits. Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, were the first generation born into a truly digital society. Don't underestimate this tech and Internet savvy group; they continue to spend 81 percent of their retail dollars at brick-and-mortar stores. This spending will reach nearly $2 trillion for offline stores by 2015. If you think you can't compete with online stores for millennial's attention, think again. It's worth your time to invest in this highly sought after demographic. While a majority of millennials shop in-store at least once a week, stores still face competition and struggle with customer loyalty. Millennials have the lowest conversion rates out of all the generation groups. This requires you as a retail store to cater to the desires and tendencies of millennials. Translate these opportunities into purchases and revenue by following these tips to attract millennial shoppers.

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The Balance Between Flashy and Functional Store Fixtures

Posted by aderby on Oct 18, 2013 7:14:03 AM

Making store fixtures work for you.

Retail fixtures can enhance or hurt the customer experience. Store fixtures may come as an afterthought with the all-important product being top-of-mind. If the product isn't displayed properly however, it will never sell. The question is, when to go for flashy and when to go for functional store fixtures?

Flashy versus Functional Store Fixtures

The common sense solution for your storefront is to use neutral fixtures so that customers focus on the featured merchandise, rather than the store design. Truly good store layouts and designs will require minimal thinking on the consumer's part. It will be natural and effortless to navigate. A flashy fixture can serve as a retail solution in special situations however.

A flashy fixture can work if it remains functional and cohesive as a unit throughout the store. Choose the beautiful and bold store fixtures when:

  • It is appropriate for the merchandise being sold. Choose a fixture that makes accessing and stocking items simple. The unit should be able to hold different items in an easy, secure, and sensible way.
  • The fixtures don't detriment the design. The store fixtures should never be the focus of the customer. The store fixture should be able to hold a fair amount of items to showcase. Fixtures with limited display areas will become a restocking hassle.
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