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What Should You Display on Your Slatwall Fixtures

Posted by Kathy Heil on Nov 25, 2016 9:00:00 AM

slatwall fixturesIf you’ve been thinking slatwall fixtures are only for certain types of stores, you might want to think again. Slatwall fixtures are so good-looking and versatile, people are even using them in their homes. So, would adding these display units work for your store? How could you use them?  

Slatwalls get their name from the way they look. The fixtures are simply panels with rows of narrow, recessed horizontal spaces. The recesses allow you to attach hooks, pegs, hangers, shelves, baskets, or bins to hold merchandise. Slatwalls are similar to pegboard, but better-looking and more versatile.

What can slatwall do for you?

Slatwalls can be both eminently practical and distinctly branded:

  • The fixtures easily accommodate a display of multi-sized and multi-shaped items. That makes it easy to create displays that offer variations on a theme. It also makes it easy to display accessories adjacent to featured products.

  • You can construct panels in a wide variety of materials and finishes to complement any décor and type of merchandise. Hardware and hanging accessories can be plain and unobtrusive or fun and brightly colored.

  • It’s convenient for customers, making it easy to browse a wide selection of items while putting them within easy reach.

  • Hanging accessories can hold plenty of backup stock, requiring less frequent restocking and making it easy to see when stock is low.

  • It can be very affordable.

Slatwall isn’t just for walls

It’s a flat surface, so it’s an ideal fixture to make the most of perimeter walls. But that’s just the beginning. You can use slatwall to construct a shelving unit or build them like a bookcase. You can use more slatwall fixtures on the sides, facing outward. Or use the slatwall to create open shelving for maximum merchandise visibility. Are you thinking endcaps here? Why not?

Slatwall fixtures can be free-standing, like a 2- or 4-sided tower. Towers can rotate, or you can add wheels and easily move your displays from one spot to another. Smaller towers are ideal as counter-toppers.  

In other words, you are not limited in what you can display by the location within your store. Slatwall fixtures fit beautifully, everywhere. You can even angle panels across corners to increase usable sales space.  

So what should you display? Whatever you have!

  • Clothing of all shapes and sizes
  • Lots of small items, hanging individually or grouped in bins — gadgets, candy bars, hardware, gloves and mittens, etc.
  • Shoes and handbags
  • Small and medium-sized electronics
  • Packaged goods
  • Novelty products and bulk items
  • Kitchenware and dishes
  • Popular grab-and-go items
  • Seasonal specials 

It comes down to this: with few exceptions, you can display virtually anything on your slatwall fixtures. Hmmmm. Perhaps it’s time to fire up your imagination and get busy designing your new display.

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