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Why Storefront Windows Need a Continuous Makeover

Posted by Kathy Heil on May 16, 2017 6:35:51 PM

storefront windowsWe’re bombarded by visuals, all day, every day. Talk about cognitive overload! No wonder we subconsciously dismiss things we’ve repeatedly seen before. We can’t pay attention to everything. If your storefront windows don’t have something new to say, they are effectively invisible.

Continuous makeovers keep things interesting. Updating your window displays on a regular basis shows people walking or driving by that your product selection is fresh. And it’s only there for a limited time. This is one of the best ways to bring customers in!

Will they enter, or will they pass you by?

Once upon a time, the purpose of storefront windows was simply to show a passersby what kind of merchandise they could find inside. The display was there to inform, not overtly sell, so it didn’t require much imagination. The butcher hung sides of beef and sausages in his window, the grocer showed off colorful fruits and vegetables, the tailor displayed bolts of fabric and something on a dress form.

If you needed something, you went in. If not, you mentally marked the location for future reference.

Today, your storefront windows have bigger shoes to fill, promotionally speaking. Rarely do they merely inform, except perhaps when they shout “SALE!” They definitely influence shopper decisions to enter your store, but making that decision is complex. To convert window shoppers into buyers, you must appeal to their sense of intrigue. And to their impulsive side. 

You have to tell a bigger story

Think of your window as an ad for your store. It has to say a lot, quickly, because you have just 2.5 seconds to grab someone’s attention. Your window has to give them an idea what you sell and reveal your brand’s personality – both reasons to choose your store over the one down the street (or down the mall). This takes creativity, but the key is simplicity.

Choose one item to be your focal point, and position it at eye-level, because eye-level is most eye-catching. (Check from outside to be sure you’ve got that right, because the sidewalk and window floor may be different heights.) Make your focal point big enough for pedestrians to see as they’re approaching your store.

That said, your window offers a 3-dimensional opportunity to catch the eye, so vary the height, width, and depth of elements within your display.

Play into the time of year. Seasonal colors and props get people excited to buy products that are in-season.

Resist the temptation to stuff your window with merchandise. Your goal is to make an impression that lures shoppers inside. That’s where they can see everything you have to offer.

How often is “continuous” when it comes to window makeovers?

Retail experts suggest changing storefront windows as often as every couple of weeks — at least monthly. Carry your new theme inside, too, to give your merchandise displays and entire store looking a consistent, refreshed, and irresistibly inviting.

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